HOW TO Become our Agent OR Representative – STUDY IN UKRAINE


5 Steps to Success


Step 1:

Download and complete the Education Agent Application Form with Guidelines.

Send the completed Education Agent Application Form along with your company profile and registration of business certificate to Email :     &
Step 2:

We will conduct a reference check on your business and following the positive outcome we will send you the Education Agent Agreement outlining terms, conditions and commissions for a successful relationship.

Step 3:

Sign the Education Agent Agreement and send it back to study in ukraine office .

Step 4:

We will activate the Education Agent Agreement as soon as we have received your signed copy.

Step 5: you can now start to work with us .


Verify our Identity


We are extending our cooperation with more international companies / representatives. We will be glad to work with any company who wants to work as our Representative.

Simply fill out the online form on our website to apply for Representative.

Our Representatives -Study in Ukraine

To become our representative, you need to send to send us scan copy of your Passport / National Id and company certificate.
Requirements for becoming our representative:
1. Registered company / authorization certificate
2. Registered Address
3. Identification document (passport or National ID card)
4. Arrange minimum 20 students every year.

After approval of your application for Representative:
1. Certificate of Representation will be send to you.
2. Your company name and director name with phone number will be shown on our website in Representative section.
3. Your user status in Ukrainian Admissions portal will be changed to Representative.
4. Prices for student’s Admissions, Invitation and visa support letter with courier charges.

Our prices are very competitive for all Representatives but for our loyal representatives. We offer lowest price guarantee.
We offer following Support options:
Email: (send email to our email address)
Ticket System: (open ticket in Ukrainian Admissions Portal)
Live Chat: (chat with our operators online from our website)
Telephone: (Call us on our Phone Numbers)
We reply all email and tickets mostly within 1-6 hours.

Provide Assistance:
1. for getting visa
2. for clearing immigration
3. for legal issues
4. for any educational matters

Ukrainian Admission Portal: (For students and representatives)
  (Identity verified internationally and *$250,000 warranty)