Maritime courses & Ship Building – Study in Ukraine

Below is the list of Maritime Universities in Ukraine:

First Ukrainian Maritime Institute

Kharkiv National Pedagogical University – Faculty of Law

Kherson State Maritime Institute

National Shipbuilding University of Ukraine

National University Ostroh Academy

Odesa Law Academy

Odessa National Maritime Academy


1.Navigation (Captain Course)

2.Ship power plants operation

3.Operation of ship’s electrical equipment and Automation


preparatory Faculty – 8month

Bachelor Degree Duration: 4 years

Masters : 2years

Medium of instruction :  English

Tuition fee break down for 1st year.

Tuition Fee 2500$US
* Invitation letter costs 300$US
* Courier Service Charges 100$US
Visa Support/ Confirmation costs
(sent to Ukraine Embassies electronically at students’ location through Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We give a copy of that Visa Support/ Confirmation to students as well.)
 Health Insurance costs  100$US
 Immigration Insurance:  100$US
 Hostel fee (Newly renovated and well furnished rooms, two persons in one room)  600$US per academic year
 Admission and Registration fee  100$US
 Consultancy Charges of our firm  700$US
 Airport pick up  100$US
 Transport to school  100$US
Total package of 4800$US

Tuition fee from 2nd year to final year 3000$US per year including accommodation.

Masters Degree Duration: 2 years  (Tuition fee 4500 USD/year, and miscellaneous expenses for 1st yr only  AND accommodation: 600USD)



From 2nd year Sea Passport (CDC).3rd year 6 months payable internship, one free laptop & given $600+ per month.

After Graduation Permanent Job in Germany Shipping Company.