National Agricultural University

The National Agricultural University is a leading institution of higher education in Ukraine. The history of it begins with the date of foundation of the Department of Agriculture within the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI) structure, which transformed into the Faculty of Agricultural faculty in 1918. Kyiv Agricultural Institute was created in KPI on the basis of this faculty, and in 1923 this Institute became the independent educational institution. From 1930 till 1934, Kyiv Institute of Agronomy, Kyiv Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture, Kyiv Ag Engineering Institute of Sugar Industry and Ag Economics Institute had been formed and begun their activity there. These institutes were later reorganized into independent research institutes and faculties.

Kyiv Forestry Institute began its history in 1840 from the Faculty of Forestry of the Institute of Agriculture and Forestry in the city of Marimont (Poland) which moved to the city Novoaleksandria (now Pulavy) in 1862. After the beginning of the 1st World War (1914) the Novoaleksandrian Institute of Agriculture and Forestry was transferred to Kharkiv and in 1921 it became Kharkiv Institute of Agriculture and Forestry. In 1930 the Forestry faculty of Kharkiv Agrarian Institute was united with the Forest Engineering faculty of Kyiv Agrarian Institute. As the result Ukrainian Forest Technical Institute appeared and was reorganized into Kyiv Forestry Institute the same year.

In 1954 Kyiv Agricultural Institute was united with Ukrainian Forestry Institute into the single institution – Ukrainian Agricultural Academy (UAA).

During the period of 1956-1962 UAA was the educational department of Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural sciences.

In 1957 Kyiv Veterinarian Institute was added to its structure. Kyiv Veterinarian Institute begins its history with the Veterinarian faculty of KPI (1920) which was transformed into the independent institution of higher education – Kyiv Veterinarian and Stock-breeding Institute from which Kyiv Veterinarian Institute separated in 1930.

Since 1962 UAA had become subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR.

In 1982 the subsidiary of the Academy in Vinnytsya was founded and in 1991 it became the independent institution (now Vinnytsya State Agrarian University).

During the years 1985-1990 UAA had been helping in and coordinating the activities aimed for creating an agricultural institute in the city of Pnom-Penh (Cambodia).

On the basis of UAA National Agrarian University was founded in august 1992. According to the Decree of the Verhovna Rada (the Parliament) of Ukraine # 158 made on July 29, 1994, it received the status of National. Since that time it has been being named National Agrarian University and in accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine # 387 made on June 1, 1995, it is under the functional rule of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Accordingly to the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of April 23 1996 #448 and of May 29 1997 #526 Nizhyn (Chernigiv region) and Berezhany(Ternopil region) Agrotechnical Colleges, Irpin Economic Technical School, Boyarka, Nemishaevo (Kyiv region) and Zalischyky (Ternopil region)Agricultural Technical Schools were included into the structure of NAUU. Their rights of legal persons are saved. In 1999 due to accreditation results Irpin and Nemishaevo Technical Schools were granted with status “College” and in 2002 Nizhyn and Berezhany Colleges received status “Institute” .

Accordingly to the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 28.07.2004 № 517-р., joint Order of Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine and National Agricultural University of 18.08.2004 р. № 304/377 the Southern Branch “Crimean Agrotechnological University” of National Agricultural Universit y was created (vil. Agrarne, Simpferopol, AR Crimea) as the structural subdivision with the individual rights of legal person. It was established at the basis of Crimean State Agrotechnological University that is being liquidated together with its structural subdivisions (Order of Labour Red Flag Agroindustrial College, Bahchysaray Branch Order of Labour Red Flag Agroindustrial College, Prybrezhnensk Technical School, and Technical School of Hydromelioration and Mechanization of Agriculture).

The Edict of the President of Ukraine # 1338 signed on December 14, 2000 under the title “The point of National Agricultural University” and the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine # 202 made on March 1 “About National Agricultural University” gave NAU the status of state self-governed (autonomous) institution of higher education and a number of other commissions.

Areas of Study and Specialties Bachelor Degree



Area of Study Specialty
Agronomy; Agrochemistry and Soil Science; Plant Protection; Fruit Vegetable Growing and Viniculture; Selection and Genetics of Agricultural Crops





Ecology and Environment Protection







Forestry & Park-Gardening



Lumber Provision & Woodworking



Woodworking Technology


Geodesy,Cartography & Land Management




Land Management and Cadastre


Mechanical & Power Engineering in Agriculture




Farm Mechanization; Power Engineering in Agriculture


Transport Technologies



Organization and Regulation of Road Moovement
Organization of Transportation and Transport Control (Auto transport)
Engineering Mechanics



Agricultural Machinery and Implements
Forestry Equipment
Electronic Technics



Electronic and Technical Systems of Electric Power Supply


Pedagogical Education



Social Pedagogy


Automation & Computer-integrated Technologies




Automatic Control of Technological Processes

Economics of Business



Economics of Enterprise; Accounting and Audit;Finance; Economic Cybernetics; Marketing, Taxation





Management of Enterprises; Management of Foreign Economic Activities


Technology of Animal Husbandry Output Production & Processing



Technology of Animal Husbandry Output Production and Processing
Technology of Storage, Conservation and Processing of Meat
Teaching staff
3000 (Ph.D. 1300, Professors and doctors 300)
Students trained
  • Agronomy
  • Ecology
  • Biotechnology
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Lumber Provision & Woodworking
  • Transport Technologies
  • Electronic Technics
  • Pedagogical Education
  • Automation & Computer Integrated Technologies Food Technology/ Ingineering Law