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6. Payment Procedure  , Tuition ,Accommodation ,Registration,Medical check ,Immigration,Clearance ,Transportation TO school   and other Mandatory miscellaneous  fees are normally paid after on arriving to Ukraine , (except admission /invitation Letter  , or translation ministry of education confrontation fees /Courier Dhl ).  But Due to NEW RULE and various problems some student gave in the past to our company and university , by causing damages of thousand of dollars to company , when they arrive No fees to be shown or settle on arrival ,claiming parent will send At end No fees Lead to damages Deportation camp  and latter Deport on our expenses , and other issues , Our company are Not ready to RECOMMEND And student which did not pay Part or Full Fees before going to embassy  for the embassy .

List of Countries that are mandated

1 Pakistan ,Bangladesh ,Sudan ,Iraq,Nigeria,Ghana ,India ,Ethiopia ,Djibouti,Kenya, Zimbabwe ,sri Lanka ,Philippines, Gambia,Malawi,Swaziland,Lesotho,Mozambique,Gambia,Namibia,southafricans,Cameroon,Senegal,ivory coast , etc.

You can pay your tuition fees in a number of ways. It is important that you pay either your first installment of Tuition fees and other  Mandatory miscellaneous  fee on arrival  otherwise we cannot Recommend you  as  our student to embassy and No visa support.

In accordance with the our tern ,  tuition fees shall be paid as follows:

Cost of tuition

The cost of your tuition fees will depend on the course you are studying. Your offer email from us should include the tuition cost. For more information on tuition fees, please see the undergraduate and postgraduate   ,Pg medicine courses study sections.

Paying before you arrive

You’ll need to pay your tuition fees before you arrive to study in ukraine in other to gain access with full support of our company to embassy to avoid any disappointment that may occur  . You will need to either pay at least the first instalment of your tuition fees before embassy  or  your  sponsorship pay direct to our director  and for each year of your course in order to complete check fees here.

Any fees paid in advance can be deducted from the money you need to bring  to Ukraine and pay on arrival  . We do advise that it’s best to pay atleast half before you apply your visa and then pay rest  fees on arrival  to avoid complications.

Paying in instalments

We prefer payment of tuition fees in full before you arrive in to #STUDYINUKRAINE . However, if you’re a self-financing student (ie you or your family are funding your studies)FIRST YEAR MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL  AND BEFORE AND HALF ON ARRIVAL ,  then you may pay your tuition fees in equal installments each year AFTER FIRST YEAR  .


Ways to pay

Some of these methods may incur bank charges which vary depending on your country, but are usually between $5 and $30. Please ensure you allow extra money for any bank charges when paying your fees.



Obtaining a receipt

Tuition fees

If you pay all or some of your tuition fees to USE SAME WAY YOU LIKE –Bank Account swift , western union ,Bitcoin ,PayPal ,Money Gram ,Express Money ,Money fast, intel xpresss ,Yandex Money ,Google Money ,Facebook payment and OUR Online payment merchant  but not recommends in some countries.  pay your admission OUR office will send you a recipient proof email for your confirmation



Bank Account , western union ,Bitcoin ,PayPal ,Money Gram ,Express Money ,Money fast, Yandex Money ,Google Money ,and OUR Online payment merchant  but not recommends in some countries. All the fees must be paid to giving account of the head of office Our company is not ready to suffer huge loose to government Tax in Ukraine , by paying to the giving account will reduce tax  or Sending fees through fast means with also giving name of the head of office .


There is no need to bring lots of cash with you. TO avoid allot of situation on the road It may be preferable to bring a commonly used credit or ATM/debit card (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or traveler’s checks.