Kiev Institute of Business and Technology “KIBIT”

KIBiT is to rise leaders who can change the world.

We welcome students from different countries, and we are glad to have the diversity that international students contribute to the University.


Guaranteed quality of students preparation

Cooperation with leading European universities

Individual approach and respect of every student

The friendly atmosphere


Why KIBiT ?

The Institute has been started in 1961. Throughout its history, the Institute focuses on the needs of the market. Our degree programs include both mandatory ministerial courses and courses that reflect business trends.

Today our faculty team consists of 75% of professors, 6% of top managers of leading companies, and 19% of mentors, coaches, tutors.

The high status of the Kiev Institute of Business and Technology is provided with

1. innovative courses;

2. cooperation with prestigious EU universities;

3. the leading position of Business School KIBiT in Ukraine;

4. professional achievements of KIBiT’s alumni.

More than 50 years history of the institute – is not only a source of pride, and also a stimulus for the next development.

* International students do not need to pass Ukrainian Government Admission Exams 

Cities where you can choose to study


Kiev – a legend city with 1500 years of history. Today it is one of the largest cities in Europe, the political and administrative center of Ukraine, dynamic and hospitable metropolis with developed infrastructure. Education in our Kiev campus provides the opportunity to be it the center of the most important educational events in Ukraine.


Zaporozhye combines age-old Ukrainian traditions and focus on the future of one of the most developed industrial centers of the country. Our Zaporozhye campus provides its students with the comfort of academic building, lectures of the best professors and practitioners, innovative learning technologies and rich student life.


Vinnitsa is one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine. The advantage of Vinnitsa campus – its unique atmosphere of the closed campus, in which the process of acquiring knowledge is accompanied by experienced tutors. Vinnitsa students remember KIBIT with fire of youth festivals and concerts.


Zhitomir is the old town, which is famous for its remarkable architectural monuments and picturesque squares, and is open to anyone who feels comfortable in the small and beautiful city. Education in Zhitomir campus allow students to develop their talents in the student’s creative teams, learn to organize excursions to the sights of the region, to establish contacts with the locals.


A small cozy town of Uman annually receives more than one million tourists who are attracted by the chance to see a masterpiece of landscape art – National arboretum “Sofiyivka”. The advantages of the Uman campus KIBIT should include not only the geographical location of the city – it is located in the heart of Ukraine, but also the surrounding nature, which is striking in its beauty.

Courses (Academic Majors)

Finance, Banking and Insurance Major

The full-time program lasts 4 years. And the part-time program lasts 4,5 years.

You can study “Finance, Banking and Insurance” on Bachelor level and Masters.

What factors lie at the heart of economic progress? How is connected the economic in one country with the world economic? What is the role of the banking system in curbing inflation? What the significance for the economic development of the state has the insurance market? – The course “Finance, Banking and Insurance” is aimed to give students knowledge about global and regional patterns of economy development; to form the skills in financial planning and management of financial risks.

The main fields of study:

state and municipal finance, financial management;

the banking system and the stock market, insurance entities and insurance services;

business organization, investment planning, business planning.

Some professional subjects to learn:

World economy,

Financial markets and institutions,

Financial planning and budgeting,

Financial risk management,

Money and Credit,

Investments and investment strategy,

Bank operations,

Tax system,

Corporate insurance,

International financial reporting standards.

Some common subjects to learn:

Business negotiations and protocol
business Basics
Personnel Management
Internet Marketing
Crisis management
Business English
Computer science

The knowledge and skills that the graduate has:

1C, Adobe Photoshop, Office 365, Excel, Word

preparation of accounting documents

conducting budget

knowledge of Ukrainian financial and tax accounting standards

methods of assessment

Business English

working with databases, SQL

writing a business plan

construction and maintenance of the financial strategy of the company

budget optimization

After graduation you can work on the position of:

Head (Vice head) of the Finance department

Economist of the enterprise in any industry, economy, banking institutions, insurance companies

Tax service employee

Head of a own business

Appraiser of movable and immovable property

Investment and pension funds agent

Teacher of higher educational institutions of different levels of accreditation


 Management Major

The full-time program lasts 4 years. And the part-time program lasts 4,5 years.
You can study “Management” on Bachelor level and Masters.

How to build a successful business structure? When comes optimization time? How to lead and manage a team? How to build a team and motivate it to achieve results? – The program “Management” is aimed to give the knowledge of economics and management, develop management skills and effective communication skills.

The main fields of study:

a market economy, economic analysis and research systems;

corporate law and corporate policy, strategic innovation management;

HR management, negotiation.

The full-time program lasts 4 years. And the part-time program lasts 4,5 years.

You can study “Public Administration” on Bachelor level and Masters.

How does the state system work? How to establish a communication and interaction between the public sector and citizens? What is the role of public organizations in the state? – The course “Public Administration” is aimed to prepare students to work in the public sector or with the public sector.

The main fields of study:

public administration, state regulation of the economy, foreign economic activity management;

international economy, the economy of the country and the region, taxes and taxation;

organization management, strategic management, risk management.

Accounting and Taxation Major

The full-time program lasts 4 years. And the part-time program lasts 4,5 years.

You can study “Accounting and Taxation” on Bachelor level and Masters.

What factors should be taken into account for the establishment of an effective tax system? What do the taxes do for the development of the state? What is the role of accounting in the construction of a stable fiscal system of the state? What should be the financial and managerial accounting in the enterprise? – The program “Accounting and Taxation” aimed to give students knowledge on the types of tax systems and tax principles; to form the accounting skills and making reports for the enterprise.

The main fields of study:

Psychology Major

The full-time program lasts 4 years. And the part-time program lasts 4,5 years.

You can study “Psychology” on Bachelor level and Masters.

How to make psychodiagnostic? Why there are different forms of behavior? How to protect yourself from the manipulations? What successful counseling looks like? How to conduct an effective psychological training? – The program “Psychology” is aimed to give students knowledge about the laws of human consciousness development and ways of its manifestation in interpersonal and social interactions; skills development of diagnostic, counseling and remedial work.

The main fields of study:

psychology of personality, psychological correction of crisis and stress conditions;

psychology of relationships and group interaction, conflict resolution;

psychology of professional activity and overcoming burnout.