Preparatory Faculty – STUDY IN UKRAINE (PRE) Course 2023-2024


LANGUAGE CLASS / Preparatory/PRE COURSE /  Foundation course is an educational program with duration of 6-10 months. For student that did not met up for ENGLISH SESSION /STUDENT That Arrive late  To Ukraine ,OR FOR Those who want to have the knowledge of Russian /Ukrainian language also for those who that have 4 creidts in their result can be reminded in pre course after finishing can join 100 level ,   At Preparatory course students study Russian/Ukrainian language and the special disciplines required depending on the future specialty chosen (language of Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Geography, History, and Literature)

On successful passing the examination of Preparatory course, the student receives the Certificate of the Preparatory Faculty to study further at Medical, Engineering, Aviation/ Flight School, Economic, Maritime & Environmental universities in   Russian/ Ukrainian Medium

Duration: 6-10 months

Medium of instruction : Russian/ Ukrainian

Anytime upon upon, there is no deadline to join this specific program


Tuition fee break down:

 Tuition Fee  1500$US
 Health Insurance costs  200$US
 Immigration Insurance costs  100$US
 Hostel Accommodation (Newly renovated and well furnished rooms, two persons in one room)  400 -1000 $US
 Registration  100$US
 Consultancy Charges of our firm 1300 – 2200 $US
 Airport pick up  100$ – 750US
 Transport to school  100$US
Total package 3800$US