NO Scholarships – STUDY IN UKRAINE


Scholarship is sometimes used to describe any financial aid given to a student that does not have to be repaid.

Scholarships or free education in Ukraine is possible only in case of the conclusion of international agreements between Ukraine and the specific country from which came the student.
The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine is constantly working on the conclusion of treaties with different countries, and often these efforts are producing results, including scholarships in Ukraine for international students.
Our Bureau, as a leader in the immigration consulting and maintenance of training procedures in Ukraine, as well as having a network of offices in different countries, is actively involved in improving relations between the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine with the competent authorities of other countries for the purpose of implementation of student exchange programmes and the creation of new programs with the possibility of training of foreigners in Ukraine for free or getting a scholarship in Ukraine for international students.

Work is now under way for a Treaty with Egypt, India and Zimbabwe are also expected to start the paperwork with other countries, such as Zambia, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Mexico, Ecuador.
In most cases, students in Ukraine paying their expenses, living by themselves depending on the finances of their sponsor, or parents and do not receive SCHOLARSHIPS IN UKRAINE.
We advise all students who want to study medicine or engineering in Ukraine, should organize all their financial expenses prior to arrival in Ukraine, they need to call us or contact us by e-mail regarding their use while studying in Ukraine, not including SCHOLARSHIPS IN UKRAINE for international students.
In 2015 our company can provide free training in one of the regional centers of Western Ukraine at the national University, and the student will need to pay for living expenses, legal and consulting services in total amount of $ 2,000. This is much better than the SCHOLARSHIP IN UKRAINE.
If You can not do under the SCHOLARSHIP program IN UKRAINE, then we urge You to take Bank loans/loans to study if You do not have sufficient funds. We also help each of the students by providing letters of credit from the University and from our office.